Hello there, the names Ruby. Currently residing in Texas. Unsure of almost everything, except that I like women and chicken. If there's anything I want to do with my life is to love and be loved, find happiness within myself, and go to many concerts. Talk to me and I'll talk to you, simple as that.

chuy is the best hehehehe
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I don’t want to look back in five years time and think, ‘We could have been magnificent, but I was afraid.’ In 5 years I want to tell of how fear tried to cheat me out of the best thing in life, and I didn’t let it.

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[new text message/ 3:16 am]
I just drove 16 hours. I need to see you.

[new text message/ 2:09 am]
I’m drunk and I know I told you I didn’t want this anymore. But I want it. I want you. I’m sorry.

[new text message/ 12:13 pm]
Maybe if I could kiss you one more time everything would be alright.

[new text message/ 8:07 am]
Fuck. I shouldn’t have let you go.

[new text message/ 4:02 am]
Are you up? I miss you.

[new text message/ 4:05 am]
A lot.

[new text message/ 5:16 pm]
I saw something that reminded me of you and my throat caught fire.

[new text message/ 12:22 am]
I wish you were here.

[new text message/ 3:17 am]
I need you. Please call me back.

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